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Use Daily Affirmations for Healing

Be your healer using daily positive healing statements (affirmations). You can activate your healing process if you are firmly resolved to believe in one statement: “I’m completely healthy! I enjoy my perfect health! With every other breath, I become healthier! I have wonderful eyesight! My kidneys are working perfectly! My brain is calm and focused! My heart is beating normally! I can sleep quietly and deeply!” And so on.

Believe Without Doubting

Such a positive statement will work if you are stupid enough to believe in it. I said stupid, not because the affirmations are stupid, I truly believe they’re working, but when a person is more intelligent, he is doubting everything.

So, you will talk to yourself that you are healthy, but one tiny voice inside will laugh at you and make you angry, because it’s going to tell you: “Are you sure, let’s think about it again, did you see yourself at the mirror.” You should immediately stop that voice. Tell it:” Shut up your dirty mouth. I’m what I’m saying I’m. So you better go to sleep. I’m not listening to you anymore. I’m a healthy person. I become healthier!”

Develop Your Imagination

The affirmation will work if you believe in it, so you have to repeat it every day! Here you have to possess a very developed imagination.

So we need to go back to our childhood when the table and chairs were our palaces and we were princesses and knights. We hid under the table from enemies when the knights went out to fight.

It was so real, the princess felt real fear about her life and the knight felt such courage. Imagination is everything. If you have children now you need to develop their imagination because if you can imagine it, you will have it!

healing affirmations

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Albert Einstein

So, firstly, we create an image in our mind. For example, you can create a vision of yourself smiling, running, singing, dancing, and enjoying life without any disease.

Then you have to feel it. You feel the emotion, excitement, sensation, motion, and movement in your heart. Feel the happiness, freedom, peace, joy, and the big excitement. Do you remember what excitement is? When was the last time you felt it?

The first kiss, the first love, first child, and first drunk night – you have to recall the feeling. It is like insane freedom when you are thinking that everything is possible, there is no limit to your abilities. The world is mine!

For more dramatic effect you can scream: “I’m healthy! I’m healthy.” When I did this, I was alone at home, I screamed out that I’m healthy and do you know what happened? I started to cry. I was excited and my voice was going out through my mouth: ”I’m healthy. Remember this – I’m healthy – now and forever.” I was screaming and crying, but God was talking to me. I felt it and believed in it.

Change Your Way of Thinking By Using Healing Affirmations

Affirmations do a great job when you realize that you have problems with your way of thinking. The big problem with people in a desperate situation like chronic disease is that they lose their spirit and do not believe that they will be fine again.

Negative thoughts control their daily life. Especially when you are diagnosed with an incurable disease, as the doctors have said. To find power and inspiration and the will to live is the hardest part of your healing.

For this reason, I want you to know that there is no incurable disease that can defeat the will to live. During my searching about people who have healed themselves I have found such interesting stories, so many different illnesses that look and sound impossible to be reversed into health. But some have done it.

The Best Doctor is Inside You

Your Healing Depends on Your Choices!

People all around the world are looking for solutions and they are traveling thousands of kilometers to meet some guru or to try some therapy because they have the will to live. I know there are rude doctors, who don’t care at all about patients’ feelings and they could say a lot of discouraging words, but there are also so many people who can give you hope.

It depends on you in whom you are going to believe. I don’t say that all the doctors are manipulators working in the interest of the pharmaceutical industry. I’m just trying to explain that you don’t have to believe any word that you have heard.

There are many opportunities in life; you have to be informed about all the possibilities. And if you agree to do some therapy with medicaments you have to get familiar with the consequences. Because all the medicaments have side effects, and when you are helping an organ you are harming another.

If we somehow understand that we need to change our way of thinking because we conclude that the current way of thinking doesn’t give us any positive effect, the best way to do it is by using daily affirmations.

With affirmations, you can re-program your thought patterns and change the way you think and feel about things. Short affirmations, repeated daily, can help you focus on goals, get rid of negative, self-defeating beliefs, and program your subconscious mind.

Healing Affirmation Will Work If You Subconsciously Want to Heal

The subconscious mind is the reason why we are living our life in a specific way. For example, every person who is sick will say that he wants to heal, but not everyone truly wants it. He subconsciously thinks and feels that he has a lot of benefits from his illness and even though he is saying how much he wants to become healthy and probably does some efforts in that direction, he will never heal.

The truth is that the subconscious mind gives instructions to the body’s processes. Our nervous system controls much of what our body does. It allows you to do things like walk, speak, swallow, breathe and learn.

The nervous system is made of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. The brain is the material part while the mind is the ethereal part. Thus, the mind plays a major role in body function, which means our thoughts can provoke different body changes.

Neuroscience has proven that we can change our brain and thus we can change our behavior, attitudes, and beliefs if we think differently.

With mental exercises, we can make our thoughts so real that the brain can change as well. There are many experiments with people who think of doing something (playing the piano or training with arms) and after that, the results show that they have activated a group of neurons in the same part of the brain which people who have played and trained developed.

Healing Affirmations Will Give a Result if You Truly Believe in It

Positive thinking won’t give you a positive result if you don’t believe in it.

To believe in something you have to feel it. The brain doesn’t recognize if you really experience something or you are thinking that you are experiencing it. For example, you can really lie down on the beach and feel the sun burning your skin and you can think about lying on the beach and it’s so hot.

If you succeed in imagining the picture so clear, you should feel the heat. When you have some new experience, your brain is creating new neural connections.

The experience can be real or imaginary; it’s important how strong you feel it. It should shake you. So, imagine that you’re healthy, no matter where you are (I know if you’re in hospital it will be hard to imagine that you’re healthy), whom you are with (probably there are people in your circle that remind you about your health conditions), how you feel (if you can not stand up from the bed), just try to imagine and believe you are healthy. And your brain will react to your feeling and this will be the beginning of your healing.

You can find so many affirmations about health on the Internet, but you can create your own. It could be longer than a sentence. You can write it about your concrete problem and describe every cell in your body. You can read or record it, and repeat it as long as you need to believe in it.

Affirmation For a Healthy Nervous System:

I’m healthy; my whole organism is working normally.

My cells are whole and they look perfectly strong.

My nervous cells are connected one by one in perfect synchrony.

They retransmit the information from the brain and spinal cord to the organs without a hitch, clearly and smoothly.

The myelin sheath that covers the nerves is completely healthy and protective of the nerves, so the electrical impulses are transmitted quickly and efficiently along with the nerve cells.

I have no problem with my nervous system. I feel calmness, confidence, safety, stillness, bliss, and happiness and I am enjoying every day. I have deep sleep and I’m dreaming wonderful dreams. I feel every touch.

My hands and legs are strong and calm and I can move them gracefully. My eyesight is clear and I can see everything in detail.

My ears are hearing everything without any problems. I have energy and cheerfulness.

My mind is calm and my thoughts are positive. I can concentrate on my talking and listening.

My speech is correct and I have no difficulties expressing my opinion. I have the power to deal with my daily activities. I can play with my child.

I can talk with my friends. I can be creative, mindful, and remarkable. I give my body everything it needs to work perfectly. I eat the proper food and I drink enough water.

I can train enough to feel strong. My body is healing itself. My body knows how to heal the best and how to remove all unnecessary issues.

My body renews itself day and night. Every new cell in my body is healthy and strong. I’m young and beautiful.

I can do well with everything in life because I have the power of God to heal and live my life blissfully.

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