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How to Vibrate High by Chanting Mantras

If you write on YouTube “Mantras” you will find titles as “Mantras for healing”, “Mantras for deep inner peace”, “Mantras for money and wealth”, “Mantras for love”, “Mantras for positive energy” and so on.

But how do mantras work? Is it a simple chanting or it is more above it? Is it the same to sing a song or does the sound of mantras goes deeper in us? Is it possible chanting mantras to touch our cells and regenerate them?

Chanting mantras release chemical hormones that balance the body and have healing effects.

The Sanskrit word, Mantra means Man – “mind” and tra – “tool or instrument”, so it is a tool to transport the mind to a place of stillness.

Words have the power to change our reality, the power to change the way we think and reprogram our subconscious mind. Mantras are sacred words that resonate deep within our soul, matching with the frequency of the universe. Also, they penetrate the depths of the unconscious mind and adjust the vibration of all aspects of our being.

In yoga, mantras are typically chanted in Sanskrit. Mantras are vibrated through chanting aloud, mental practice, or by listening to them. When repeated frequently it purifies the mind and soul, brings clarity, and transforms the negative thought pattern into positive ones.

Chanting mantras sways the mind from frivolous thoughts and anchor the mind in concentration.

It is considered that Mantras are at least 3500 years old and the sound “Aum” or “Om” is the simplest mantra that has appeared on Earth. When we chant the Aum sound, we create reverberation in the body, which helps to be calm.

To explain to you how chanting mantras affect the body I will start with a little bit of explanation about the atoms that compound our body and everything around us.

We know that atoms are the smallest unit of matter. And the atoms can be joined together to form molecules. Atoms are composed of particles called protons, electrons, and neutrons. But do you know that 99,999 999 999 999% of the atom is space? However, this space is not exactly empty. It is full of energy. The atoms contain a little matter and a lot of energy or information.

All atoms emit electromagnetic radiation. This electromagnetic radiation can be visible light, radio waves, gamma rays, and X-rays, in which electric and magnetic fields vary simultaneously. But the radio waves vibrate with a different frequency than the X-ray, and the X-ray vibrates with a different frequency than the infrared rays. As fast as the atom’s vibration is as much energy and frequency it radiates. And as slow as the atom’s vibration is as low energy it creates.

As faster one atom vibrates and more energy it produces as less time it spends in the physical reality. So the reason why we see the material objects is that they vibrate with the same frequency as us. For example, we cannot see the infrared rays, because they have energy frequency different from our, but we can observe physical evidence for concrete energy frequencies – infrared rays heat the matter.

Mantras have sound effects that rearrange the vibrations in the body and create positive alignment.

So that when we change our energy, we increase the frequency of the atom’s vibration in our physical body. Thus we increase our energy field. We become more energy and less matter. We become more waves and fewer particles!

Here is the important role of the chanting mantras. It increases the vibration of the atoms so we can create the necessary energy to raise the body to a new and higher frequency.

Chanting mantras release the blocks in the physical or subtle body.

Why do we need to increase our energy (atom’s vibration)? The main reason is that all diseases are reduction in frequency. When the atom’s vibration is slow we become a matter that is trying to change the physical body. As much matter and less energy is our body as possible it is to disintegrate.

Do you know every organ in our body has its frequency range? And all healthy cells of each organ radiate with the same signal. When we are sick this is a sign there is an asynchronous in our body. It means our organs, which are composed of atoms, are vibrating in different frequencies. To come back to synchronous we have to increase the atom’s vibration and the higher energy will synchronize the organ’s function.

Chanting mantras can physiologically, emotionally, and spiritually alter our vibration state. Through singing, we vibrate the vocal chords and this resonates through the whole body. Mantras include words that are not ordinary; they are sacred words that have to be properly pronounced and repeated every day. If you are not pronouncing the mantra correctly you cannot produce the vibration that we are trying to produce in our body.

The vibrations produced during chanting enhance the working of organs.

Repeating is also important, because you cannot chant Om a single time and expect to create any vibration in your body. The common belief is that shorter mantras should be chanted 108 times. The highest level of vibration is said to happen when we repeat a mantra 108 times. I know it’s sound a lot of time chanting, but if you repeat Om 108 times it will take around 30 minutes. You can start with 5 times and increase every day until you feel the benefits of chanting.

When we chant mantras freely and loudly the vibrational effect has a strong impact on our body. You can do it for 5 seconds or one hour; it will be helpful and beneficial as well.

Repeating mantras liberates us from ingrained patterns and create awareness.

The most known mantra is the Gayatri mantra. It is considered that by chanting this mantra you will achieve success and happiness in your life. With regular chanting, at least 3 times per day, you can firmly establish and stabilize the mind.


Om, bhur bhuvah svah

Tat savitur varenyam

Bhargo devasya dhimahi

Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat

Earth, Heaven, the Whole Between.

The excellent divine power of the Sun.

May we contemplate the radiance of that God,

May this inspire our understanding.

“Chanting is half the battle.”

Paramhansa Yogananda

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