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COLLAGEN – I want to be young forever

“It takes a long time to become young.”
Pablo Picasso

What does beauty mean for you? I’m asking about external beauty. You know – hair, skin, nails, posture, manners, teeth, lips, the whole our appearance. Does it matter for you how these things look like? I hope so, because I think there is nothing more daunting than woman who has forgotten about her greatest asset – her beauty.

People often said that every woman is beautiful and our beauty depends on how we feel inside. They said that a happy woman is a beautiful and it just takes the right man to see it. I agree with that, you have to be happy to be beautiful, only because when you are happy you have the desire to take care of your appearance. Mostly people who had lost the spark for life don’t think at all about their personage.

Well for me the hair, skin and nails have a big matter. Not so big to stare all day my face at the mirror and fall into a panic if I have a pimple (there are such women and I don’t approve behavior like this), but I care enough to take basic care of my good looking. Unfortunately with age the cares have to increase. When you pass 30 it is recommended to use daily face cream, eye cream, sunscreens, hair mask, more water, more vitamins and minerals, training and massaging the body, less sugar, no smoking and healthy eating. All of this in favor of your beauty and help your body to remain young and health as long as possible.

Collagen is the protein, which gives the skin strength and elasticity. It is natural found in the body and the major building blocks of bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It is found also in blood vessels, corneas, and teeth. Unluckily, after the age of 20-25 the producing of collagen decreases with 1 percent per year. As a result the skin becomes thinner and more fragile with age. Wrinkles form, and joint cartilage weakens.

33% of the proteins in our body are collagen. Bone, muscles, tendons and 75% of the skin are made of collagen

There are cells in the skin called Fibroblasts. These are special skin cells located in the dermis. They produce elastin (which gives elasticity) and glycosaminoglycan (which gives hydration). They produce pro-collagen too. Hyaluronic acid is needed to bind elastin to collagen. Which means Vitamin C plays a major role in these processes. In the absence of vitamin C, collagen synthesis is disrupted.

We need to take vitamin C regularly. Fruit or fruit juice high in Vitamin C (lemon, orange, Rosehip tea) guarantees the absorption of collagen. Studies prove that this vitamin can raise collagen synthesis up to 8 times. Regular intake of vitamin C, A, D, E is important for its processing.

What destroys collagen?

1. The age – after the age of 30, the aging of the bones begins. The processes of degradation of collagen fibers prevail over the processes of synthesis. Reduces the absorption of trace elements and vitamins, which are needed for collagen synthesis.

2. The free radicals and toxins.

3. Heredity

4. Ultraviolet rays. They lead to breakdown of collagen fibers and aging. In order not to happen we should avoid UVA and UVB rays.

5. Sugar. It destroys the collagen.

6. The food. Malnutrition or eating a diet which does not supply a healthy amount of one or more nutrients.

7. Smoking. The chemicals in cigarettes lead to breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin.

How to get collagen?

1. Collagen from cow, beef, turkey – they have a high concentration of stable collagen fibers. It builds tendons, ligaments, organs, skin and bones.

2. Chicken and rabbit collagen – It is most suitable for building cartilage. Most supplements use chicken collagen. Unfortunately, when the meat is cooked much of the collagen fiber breaks down.

3. Fish collagen. It is easily absorbed by the body.

4. Collagen in the shells of eggs. It builds tendons, ligaments, organs, skin and bones.

5. The richest in collagen among plants is wheat. It’s not about the bread.


Regular intake of Vitamin C guarantees the collagen absorption.

Eating nuts provides vitamins and minerals that you needed.

Regular exfoliation with fruit acid helps to remove the dead cells.

You can make collagen at home with beef, chicken, fish or other bones. You have to boil the bones at low temperature. If you boil the bones at high temperature, important ingredients are destroyed. The more we boil the more important ingredients will come out of the bones.

This article is written by using the helpful information from the book “Shocking helpful book” by Emilia Belcheva

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