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Why I Replaced the Wooden Chopping Board with Glass Chopping Board?

I have never thought about what kind of chopping board I use. Until I started taking more care of my health and buying more books about health. In one of the books, I read an article about the chopping boards we used to use every day. Like most housewives, I used a wooden or plastic cutting board. But then I understood why I should stop and replace them with glass or ceramic cutting boards.

How the wooden chopping board affects our health?

The most common are wooden cutting boards. Unfortunately, every time you cut on a wooden board the surface is injured, and particles of the cut food are inserted into the small incisions. Not only that but when we cut meat on the wooden board the juices from the meat are absorbed into the wooden board. This can lead to dangerous bacteria growth. When we wash the wooden board with dishwashing gel, an amount is also absorbed into the board. We can’t wash it 100 %.

This surface becomes an ideal environment for the development of all forms of life that we cannot see with the naked eye. With every next cutting, we cut a part of the wooden surface and we consume it with the food.

All of these can cause skin problems such as acne, pigmentation, dry skin, and eczema. Also serious health problems with the digestive tract, cardiovascular system, urinary system, nerves, frequent illness, asthma, and others. Depending on the bacterial flora that has developed, it has different consequences.

The biggest problem with most wooden cutting boards is they absorb juices from meats. This can lead to dangerous bacteria growth.

What is the problem with plastic cutting boards?

A good alternative to wooden cutting boards became plastic cutting boards. If they are made of plastic that is not toxic and doesn’t scratch they are a pretty good solution. But rarely can you find such because they are expensive and most users don’t know the difference.

In over 90 % of cases, the boards are scratched and with the food, we take from the toxic plastic.

More bacteria are recovered from a used plastic surface.

Glass chopping boards are more hygienic.

When I considered the facts about wooden and plastic chopping boards I decided to try a glass chopping board. At the beginning it was a little bit difficult to cut on it because the surface is too smooth and you can disperse the food. But after time of use a person gets used to it.

The glass and ceramic chopping boards are heat resistant and they don’t scratch. They can be washed with dishwashing gel or in the dishwasher. They don’t have to be replaced because they are not depreciated. And they are very very pretty. You can find a variety of pictures. They will help you to retain your health and they will make your kitchen looks like gallery.

Glass chopping boards have nonporous surface that does not amass bacteria as easily as mother materials. This surface also makes them easy to rinse and wipe clean.

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