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Why I chose yoga?

The movement is the best cure. It could be life-saving to people with chronic disease.


Many people try doing yoga. Especially the last years yoga became very popular activity. But most of the people reduce their knowledge about yoga to the asanas.

People want to be stronger, more flexible, more slender, but not everyone knows that yoga outspreads more beyond that.

Yoga is very serious thing. It requires a lot of effort and time. In many cases people try yoga, because of extremely serious reasons – they have hurt themselves, or got sick, or they need a huge change in their life.

Many people try yoga, but yoga doesn’t give result to everyone. For many it gives great result: it helps them to restore their power and energy, recovers from any pain, makes them fit and strong, cheerful and happy.

Other people try yoga and it gives result as well, but doesn’t give the result as in the previous ones. And there is a group of people who try yoga, but they don’t understand it and it seems to them boring, annoying, and they just leave it. Some people even have a bad impression of yoga.

When I tried yoga for the first time I was 16 years old. I remember that after the class my legs were shaking and I stumbled and almost fell down on the ground. After this experience I didn’t come back to the yoga class. I found it quite difficult and a little bit boring.

Many years passed until I tried yoga again. I attempted different yoga studios with different teachers, but none of them succeeded to grab my attention. I continued to find yoga pretty boring and couldn’t understand what it would give me. Oh, I was so wrong.

But if you don’t have a desire to learn or make something, there is nobody who can help you. The first is the wish. You should wish something to happen, then to believe it is going to happen. It is one thing to have a wish, but another thing is to have faith. The faith is the thing which makes wishes come true. Do you have a wish to be healthy? Do you believe you are going to be healthy? These are different things.

I think that yoga can give result to people who are ready for yoga. People who have ambition to grow their spiritual potential. Only people who understand that we are beyond our physical existence.

In my early years I didn’t think about questions like why people suffer? And how can we help ourselves, and others to live more consciously, peacefully and joyfully?

I had to lose my health to start wondering what did I do wrong and why did I sick myself.

I started to read about yoga, because there were examples of people who had practiced yoga and meditation, and they acquired good health and reduced body pains. Many people practice yoga, because it gives them physical health, emotional health, mental health, social health and spiritual health. I couldn’t understand how it’s possible.

In the yoga studios, I have attended, teachers showed similar movements and they repeated one movement a couple of times. I found this uninteresting, so when I started to search about yoga movements (asanas) I was stunned. There were so many poses and they looked so beautiful. I wanted to be able to do them. So I started to practice yoga at home.

I became more flexible, built strength, improved balance, learned to better breathe and so on. I understood that yoga could give you all of that and even more. My legs became straight, my walking became soft, my posture got better. I forgot about back pain and I succeeded in managing my calmness. It was so amazing, because I had just started and felt so many benefits.

Going deeply into yoga I signed up for yoga teacher course. I want to learn how exactly yoga works. How can I recover my health and keep it? How can I stay strong and young?

In the East people say: “Your health depends on your spinal flexibility”. The spine has the unique possibility to stretch backwards or forwards and also to get atrophied if you let it. If you don’t move your spine it is more possible to develop an illness. You have to start slowly, but proudly. Don’t aim at the begging at very high results. If you didn’t train a long time ago, don’t force yourself and punish your body. Be patient, with perseverance you could achieve a lot. But if you force yourself you may hurt and exhaust your weak body. There are researches that showed it’s not obligatory to train with very heavy weights, you still can gain muscle mass with light weights. It is more important to train properly and be patient with yourself.

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