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6 ways to Stop losing your Vital Energy (Prana)

I deeply believe that everyone has internal energy flows. These energy flows must flow smooth and steadily in the body. If the energy streams don’t run on their paths or there is blockage that stop the flow, an illness can appear.

This life force energy exists in our subtle bodies. You can’t see it or touch it, you can feel it. In Yoga and Ayurvedic tradition is cold Prana. Prana moves through energetic pathways known as nadis. Prana is associated with the seven chakras unique to the yoga tradition.

Traditional Chinese medicine called it Chi. Some believe there’s no difference between prana and chi. They are both a form of subtle energy that flows within our energy bodies. As long as chi or prana flows freely and is balanced, health is maintained. Off-balance or blocked chi or prana causes disease. In this sense, they’re quite similar.

When nothing flows

According to these great ancient cultures – Chinese and Yogic, when the internal energy flows are dried up, it is a precondition for disease. Of course, there is something that still is flowing, otherwise the soul would leave the body, but it flows sluggishly, without pleasure and enthusiasm.

So you have to do something, if you want to increase your internal energy.
What can you do?

Why I feel weakness and constant fatigue?

Initially you have to ask yourself why you are weak and why your organism doesn’t have enough power to manage the daily routine. You have to understand where your life force goes. There are many reasons that lead to wasting your vital energy. Some of them could be:

– you take care of your children

– you take care of your husband

– you take care of your parents

– you work too much

– you worry too much

– you experience too much

– you sympathize too much

– you overthink too much

6 ways to stop losing your vital energy

1. Get some sleep

If the weakness and tiredness have occurred due to chronic lack of sleep – it is time to forget about everything and get some sleep. If it is hard for you, because you have to work or you take care of a baby, you need to force yourself and organize your obligations, you should have a good and deep sleep at least once a week. You have to understand that the good sleep is unimaginably necessary for health. When you are fresh you can do much more work.

2. Control your emotions

If you feel exhausted and weak because of your constant sympathy for sick and weak people, it means you have to learnt how to control your emotions.

You have probably noticed that when somebody comes to you, because he has a problem or pain and he tells you about it, after that you feel exhausted and your head starts to ache, your pulse rises, your blood pressure drops. This person pours out all his sorrow and you sympathize him and try to calm him. You give him a part of your life forces and now you don’t have enough.

Probably you used to be comforter and you like to be empathetic, but one day you won’t have enough power, because you will have scattered everything. For this reason you have to show people they can’t use you to transfer their problems on you. Next time you should try to explain them that they must find out the reason of their grief and to try to put an end of it.

Sometimes it is necessary to be unsympathetic and hardhearted.

In the Bhagavad Gita, it is clearly taught that we must “learn to act with a spirit of detachment, being equal to success or failure”. Such evenness of mind, the Gita reminds us, is called yoga.

3. Stop your inner dialogue

If you are kind of person who is overthinking and you have endless fears and thoughts, which control your day, you have to bring order to your internal dialogue. Otherwise it will squeeze your whole vital energy and the future won’t be bright.

Can you stop your inner dialogue?

Probably this is the hardest thing that you have to do. It is not easy to stop thinking, especially when you have so much tasks over your head. We live with people, not in a hut in the Himalayas, far away from society, so we have to solve situations everyday. If we don’t think about the situation, we can’t solve it. But overthinking and constant worry won’t help us to remain calm and healthy.

When you notice you start to overthink and worry about something try to:

– change your thoughts with others thoughts

– concentrate on something else like your breath, pulse, other object

– imagine how you sweep out the bad thoughts or you wash off your head

4. Accept your fears

Your fears and constant thoughts about problems drain your energy. The anxiety blind your rational thinking and don’t let you to find a solution. I wish all of you live the life of your dream and never be seized by fears and anxiety, but if they come try to accept and admit them.

For this purpose you need to imagine your fear or constant bad thought that tortures you, as some living being that lives in your head. It could be an image of an unpleasant for you person, or ugly animal, or just a black spot in your head. You should imagine it and sent him your sincere gratitude and love for that it takes care of you. After all, at the root of all fear lies one thing – to make your life safe and to protect you and your family from stress and problems.

Send him your love and light. Then imagine how this ugly creature transforms into pleasant person, animal or beautiful picture, that brings you confidence and calmness.

5. Stop arguing and getting into conflicts

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

Mark Twain

Another traditional method of taking away your life forces is the conflict. Person who hasn’t enough life forces could provoke anger in you. You explode and from you towards him flies a great emotional charge. This emotional charge is negative, but it helps him for a while.

You should stop feeding him with negative emotions and he will go away. You have to forgive and thank him for the lesson that he teaches you. You have to think about his provocations and ask yourself why you get angry. Probably, you have to work on some idealisation in you, that can make you angry.

Next time instead of getting provoke, try to say something like: ” I wish you all the best” or “I hope everything with you should be fine.”

6. Protect your vital energy from the sick people

When we have to take care of somebody who is ill, especially if this situation continues a long time, it is possible to become ill too. Why this is happening?

Another way somebody to take from your vital energy is a situation in which around you or with you is living a person who is deadly ill. Day after day you are listening about his illness and you are seeing his pain. You start to feel a huge sympathy for him. The sympathy is the way your vital energy passes to this person.

This is very complicated situation, because you can’t stop caring for this person and stop feeling a sorrow for the misfortunes of him. But this situation could worsen and the sick person could drain your whole vital energy. At the end your weak organism can find the only exit of this situation, as you get sick too.

You have to stop losing your vital energy by stopping the flow you give to the sick person. For this purpose you can please your subconscious (God, your guardian angel) to help you and you can save your energy. You can work with your imagination and imagine the flow of your energy and how you stop it going the whole towards the person, who needed it. You can give him a little, but you have to keep the major for you.

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