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Why person’s Aura is important to be checked?

Nadis, Chakras and Aura

Do you believe you have various subtle bodies that are not visible? Along with our visible physical body we have invisible bodies. These are the etheric body, the astral body, the mental body, the spiritual body, the cosmic body. And beyond all, there is the seventh body called bodiless body or nirvanic body.

According to yoga’s traditional teachings in every human being there are channels that pass by the body. These channels are called Nadis. Nadis are not visible, they exist in the etheric body. The main role of Nadis is to carry Prana (Prana is the life force energy). Prana the vital energy flows through these energy channels called Nadis. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika states there are 72,000 Nadis.

There are three major Nadis – Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. You need to think only for these three major Nadis. Ida lies to the left of the spine, whereas pingala is to the right side of the spine, mirroring the ida. The Sushumna is placed in the center of the spine and has huge impact to our prosperity.

Ida and Pingala weave around the central axis of Sushumna Nadis. They cross each other at a time at seven points along the spine. Everywhere they meet they form a Chakra.

Chakras are energy centers that accumulate and distribute physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. The word “chakra” from Sanskrit translates to “wheel” or “disk”, which reflects the idea that each of them rotates with its own specific frequency. Chakras are placed along the main channel Sushumna, which passes through the spine. Each chakra has name and a certain color. The aura is directly related to the chakras. Therefore, the aura of each person is colorful, it depends on the development of thin bodies, as well as the opening of energy centers.

The energy of most people vibrates within certain ranges, which is the type of human aura or color type. This means people with equal vibration frequency have same aura. This explains why we feel comfortable with some people and why we feel nervous in the company of other people. Once we understand the main color of a person’s aura we can disclose his physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition.

Aura's properties

The aura has size, shape and intensity. The large aura indicates the existence of powerful energy field. It is supposed that such a person spreads strong vibrations and other people sense this, whereas the small aura shows a more concentrated energy, it must be owned by an introvert. Life energy is probably low. This may be due of stress. Particular importance has the color intensity and brightness of the aura. Bright and brilliant colors mean positivity and harmony. While the dark and matte colors mean negativity. For example: the bright red color is associated with will, high energy for action. Dark and matte colors show the physical, emotional and mental stress.

Everyone has the opportunity to change the color of his aura over time. The changes are related before all on a mental and emotional level. There is no “good” or “bad” aura – they are just different. Even if the dark aura shows stress, people need to know that the change in behavior and thoughts, for example, by purifying the mind of the bad thoughts, leads to good results in the field of mind-body-energy.

How to check your aura?

Everyone can check his aura using an aura camera. Mediums almost always can see the person’s aura. Psychologists claim that the existence of aura can be proven by children’s drawing of green dogs and orange trees. Even an ordinary person can see his own aura using specific technique.

With the advent of technology we have learned to photograph and record the aura. Scientists like Tesla, Kirlian, Zolotov and Korotkov understood the issues of aura visualization.

The aura camera measures and evaluates your biodata using the Biofeedback biosensor (biological feedback). The information is analyzed, processed and related to yours emotional and energetic state. It always shows the truth about your inner state. The aura cannot be falsifies.

Analysis of my aura

I decided to check my aura out of curiosity. I found out that near my home there is an aura camera. In the past years I have changed almost everything in my habits. I changed my eating habits, started to practice yoga regularly and started to read spiritual books. It was intriguing to find out how does my aura looks like.

The aura camera shows the size, the main colors, the form of your aura and chakras. It shows which chakra is blocked and you need to work with it. It shows your state of being. What amazed me was that the aura camera shows if you have protection of negativity and if somebody can steal your energy. I was thinking that my energy is all the time taken from others, but it shows that I have good protection.

My aura colors are indigo, light blue, green and yellow. The woman who did the analysis for my aura said that it is rare to see a person with more than two colors in his aura.

Indigo means that you are calm, deeply vulnerable, loving, loyal, artistic, guided by intuition, with pure consciousness, introverts.

Light blue means you are caring, sensitive, loving, contribute good, loyal, peaceful, well-mannered.

Green color in aura means that you are social, natural, harmonious, communicative, quick-thinking, teachers.

Yellow means that you are playful, bright, contact person, creative, curious, active, love entertainment, extroverts, intellectual.

In my aura the last two colors were formed probably soon. The green color means that I’m growing like the plants and trees. I was learning new things and I was able to teach. The yellow color means also that I develop my spirituality and open myself to new opportunities.

My aura size is average. Not too big, not too small. Middle size means the radiated energy is powerful enough, but I need to increase my aura and focus more on my goals.

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