FREE Printable 2022 Healing Planner

If you have decided to start your healing journey I greet you warmly! I have passed through this process and I’m still on it because caring for yourself is a lifestyle, not a period of your life!

Self-healing starts with awareness of the disease and its acceptance. At that moment the accusation of fate stopped! Fate is not found guilty for the disease! Don’t blame fate, life, or even God! The reason is not important. Your reaction and action are much more important!

I like to say: “It’s never too late to heal yourself!” So here is the first step – Acceptance of the disease and the situation. The second step is the big Action. The big Action involves a few other steps. All of them I describe in my book NO Multiple Sclerosis. A Journey to Health and Healing. Only Natural and Holistic Methods.

Health and healing

To make easier the process I decided to create this Healing Planner with lots of little illustrated stickers on the pages!

This free Healing Planner will help you to stay super organized and keep track of everything – your yearly healing goals, your breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas, your shopping list, affirmations and so much more!

It’s undated so you can use it for any year!

each page is a separate PDF so you can print any page as many times as you want.

This 15 page Healing Planner includes:

– Healing Planner Cover Page
– Daily Routine
– Yearly Goals
– Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Ideas
– Daily Affirmations
– Add Your Affirmations
– List What to Eat and What to Not Eat
– List of Food Supplements
– Shopping List
– Feeling Days
– Books I Should Read
– Yoga Poses for Everyday
– Do not Forget
– Notes
– Quotes

Here is what you’ll get when you download the FREE 15 page Healing Planner:

This A4 size, 15-page planner is the perfect hack for goal management, it is the right helper for you and your healing journey.

When you start this journey it looks a little exhausting because you have to be aware of what you eat, what you think, what supplements you should take. You have to be aware of what you buy, what you talk and what you do. You have to start living CONSCIOUSLY!

This Healing Planner will help you to organize all of your new priorities related to your health.

This Healing Planner will motivate you to pursue your goals. You are able to write down your favorite quotes and affirmations that will keep you inspired. You can make your shopping list and list supplements so you will not forget something important. You can make a list of books that you would like to read and so on.

It’s super neat and includes plenty of space to write down whatever you want to.

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