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    Now is the moment to start something which you have been putting off for a long time. You have heard about the benefits of yoga and you promised yourself to visit at least one class last year. Did you do it? It is not necessary. You can practice YOGA at home. It’s not as difficult as you think. I prepared this YOGA CALENDAR to show you the basic YOGA POSES for different health goals. Every month is varied and shows the BEST YOGA ASANAS for concrete aims.
    You want a more flexible body, ok, in January I picked up the main YOGA poses for a flexible body.
    February is YOGA for a slim waist.
    March is YOGA for better posture.
    April is YOGA for better sleep.
    May is with some challenging poses.
    June is YOGA for grounding.
    Jule is YOGA for heart opening.
    August is YOGA for fertility and sexual health.
    September is YOGA for stress relief.
    October is YOGA for back pain.
    November is YOGA for strong arms.
    December is YOGA for the Christmas mood.

    This YOGA CALENDAR is very suitable for yoga studios where it can be displayed at the entrance and help teachers and students.